The Challenges of a Busy Ministry Life


We pray for growth and success but are we prepared for it! I know that I wasn’t. I wasn’t prepared for the church communication issues, the time it took to do each little administration task, the people demand; ministry guests, leaders, volunteers. training, fundraising, networking, conferences, to name but a few of the tasks. Whew!! There is also the very real danger of pushing out the essential, the vital devotional, life-giving times with my Saviour. What voice shall I listen to? What choice am I going to make; Still and small, gentle and loving or do I allow the loud and clamouring to take over? Lord, help me to make the wise choice today. May I treasure you above all else.

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  1. Sheryl Emra says:

    John and I just got our website up and running this afternoon. Crazy. I love your website. In response to your post – I too have the challenge of finding the time and place to connect with my Savior. I am finding it in the moments of my day. Not necessarily when I am on my knees. I turn my inner – eyes to listen to His still small voice in the craziness of the flow of my life. Sometimes it works – sometimes it doesn’t. I know that I can trust the Lord’s heart no matter what happens. I am praying for you. I pray your time in Ireland was full of the Lord’s Spirit and successful.

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