John and Sally Childress Missionaries with LIFOC

John and Sally Childress, Missionaries with LIFOC and Addiction workers with All Souls in the center of London.


Based in London, UK

We have now been working in London for 5 years and have a flourishing ministry in the centre of London, entirely by God’s grace.  People from over 20 church areas in London have been a part of Free!  in just the past six months and we have been in talks with ministries as far as Australia, USA and Russia together with many areas of the UK.  If you want to discover what Free! can do for you or your church  visit  We will be very happy to help you create a place for the addicted and struggling around you. We are committed to biblical and Christ-centred principles. 

John’s book: The Addict’s Choices: From depths of isolation to heights of true deliverance is available on Amazon. Sally is working alongside John, helping lead the seminars, and finishing her PhD studies in Biblical Counseling.

They are available to speak internationally, and have been based in Europe since August 2014.

  addicts choice

Check out what this one reader from England had to say:

“A gripping story of one man’s battle to overcome a lifetime of addiction. The good times and the bad times and the struggle to make the right choices.
If you or you know of anyone who is looking for a way out of making bad choices in life then this book is a great place to start.”

Listen to their own journeys with addictive behaviors. Please click on the podcast image to download. It takes about a minute to download.


Our 4-part seminar is receiving very good reviews and if you would like us to come and present the seminar at your group or church please contact us at

Check out John’s book: The Addict’s Choices. Available on and, look under John Wesley Childress

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2 Responses to FREE! RECOVERY

  1. Charity Settineri says:

    Please contact me through my email as to how I can donate to your ministry each month.

  2. Wendy Bacin says:

    Yay!!! You made it. And when I was cruising thru your blog and saw that little cottage house I thought perhaps that was the guest house you were staying in at your brothers place and was drooling. Guess not, but that’s OK. At last you have been delivered to London and can finally get started! I can’t thank you enough for your work with the ladies at CIW. It was wonderful and I know they enjoyed the presentation. Take care, and if you get a chance, I’d love your “snail mail” address. Blessings to you both, and we rejoice that things are beginning in your ministry. Jim and Wendy

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