If I could label this year it would be with the words, “Trust Me.”  As I was withdrawing this morning and asking God, my Abba, what He wanted me to know, these words came back again.

Sometimes hearing these words and acting on them in every circumstance and action of my life are two very different things.  Yet this was the urging this morning.  What does this mean in my everyday life?

It means;

  • Practicing thinking about God in the busyness of life, and praying a simple prayer of trust whenever I can and praying to do this more and more.  
  • A prayer of thanks for the ability to do a simple task.
  • A prayer for guidance before I interact with anyone else.
  • Asking for help when confronted with a choice or temptation.
  • Choosing to have faith when I do not see the results.
  • Choosing to love God more than my own wants or desires.
  • Choosing to be appreciate of what I do have.
  • Choosing to wait on Him when I just want to run ahead.
  • Total surrender

After contemplating all of this the verse depicted on the illustration above came to mind;  Proverbs 3:4,6.  The word, “ALL” stood out to me.  In all my ways I must lean on my Abba!

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