Update from Latest Recovery Course

Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors,

Firstly thank you for your prayers for a good start to this Recovery Course. It has started well, we are now into our 4th week, having just completed the third session. We are now able to have three, possibly four support groups for women and 2 groups for men.. We made the choice to keep the groups down to between 6-8 participants. The men are kicking off slowly with around 5/6 but it is growing. John now has a co-leader for the support groups. Sam, who has had 3 years experience leading support groups and is a lecturer at one of the colleges in London. This is a huge support to John. We also have a couple of other men, who after a little more training and encouragement, will be very able to lead. The women kicked off with 18 and this number is still growing. If all came at once we will be close 25 ladies. This doesn’t include the people who John and I are working with one on one, not yet ready to attend. One prayer is for a group to start for younger teenage women within the next year, running possibly alongside the youth ministry. This would deal specifically with identity and worship/ idol issues, related to self-harm/eating issues.

We need continuous wisdom as this is very messy, long term work. We are always listening to very sad stories of traumatic events and devastating choices, at the same time crying out to the Lord to please reveal the underlying struggle. We all have sinful hearts, and we are so adept at trying to control at any cost. John and I need to watch our hearts for anything we are doing, saying, thinking that is not godly and where we are not worshipping and giving glory to the One, who is the only one who can save!!!

It seems that the most significant help we can offer is to create a safe, grace-filled environment where people can learn to trust again and discover “family.” As this grows we are discovering that this is the key for people to have the strength and ability to face their struggles and sin and learn to connect with the Saviour, in and through His Word, prayer. and fellowship.

There have been breakthroughs and with this in mind would you pray for Ms S., who is trying to overcome compulsive eating, for Ms F and Ms S, both lovely young ladies who are struggling with sexual issues, for Ms J. who is down to taking heroine twice a week as opposed to 3 times a day, she has just come to Christ ( not with us but now realizes that she needs to now overcome her addiction). Please pray for Mr. J to remain steadfast with his eating struggle, for Mr. S, who is an alcoholic and very lonely, living on the streets; please pray that he will be consistent in coming to the group.

God is good

Love in our Saviour on this special weekend of remembering what He has done for us!

John and Sally


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