Waiting is Not Easy!


It has been a while since I have been able to update.  I am often blown away by God’s faithfulness to us. He loves us and He loves to surprise us!

Over the years I have experienced how it seems that God waits until the last minute to come through!  Yes, this is often the case, at least from our perspective…

However, I am also convinced that it takes this time of waiting for our hearts to be softened enough to cry out to Him….at this point we have run out of our own ideas and are totally thrown on God’s mercy.  We now know we have no control, before this point we still imagine we have some control…God is simply, patiently waiting for us to know in the depths of our hearts that He is God and that He holds the answer to our prayers in His hands.

John and I arrived in Dallas on Wednesday, 29th May, after a narrow escape from a tornado and experiencing the worse hail storm I have ever been through.  Between Wednesday and Sunday we rested and had a great time of friendship building with the family we were staying with.  What a blessed time.  However, we were both wondering about our ministry, what God was doing and why He led us to Dallas.  If God so desired it was enough to spend time with these special people.  He allowed us to be able to share our deepest concerns with them.

I didn’t know that John had been wrestling in prayer about these questions we had.

On Sunday June 2nd, we had a delightful time with some recovery leaders at a church in Plano.  There might be future ministry that grows out of this.  Blessing.

At lunchtime we met a with a delightful group of young marrieds (and the young at heart marrieds) for lunch and we were able to share our lives and ministry! We sold a few books this day. Blessing!

Later that day John met me in the laundry room and took a check out of his pocket and simply opened it…God had answered….blessing!!  Much of our European trip is now covered!

God knew our hearts needed to be eased so we would be free to go on and do the ministry God is calling us to do back East.  Blessing!

Psalm 46:10b    God loves us to be still from our own works and watch Him do His works.


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  1. Marcy Schönke says:

    I am very encouraged!

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