Well, here we are in the UK!!


These four pictures really capture our first few days; worship, play, long talks with our new church family, John being included in a pod broadcast run by an Australian presenter, walks in the British countryside and revisiting the history of the UK.  The last picture is of the famous half circle of historical homes in Bath. Of interest especially to the literature buffs among you! Jane Austin territory!!

As for ministry;  We have met Mr. S a lonely and sad man of late 50’s, who lives in a hostel part of the time and on the streets at other times.  He is here on our church family week with us.  Miss K.  is struggling with the cost of living here in London and trying to live for Christ in a very difficult situation.  There are some very lonely singles here who would love to find a companion but there are not many strong Christian partners around. Miss F. suffers with much anxiety and needs prayer as do all of the above.

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2 Responses to Well, here we are in the UK!!

  1. Carol Santiago says:

    Dear Sally & John- So happy to see and hear things are finally beginning in your Ministry in England and elsewhere in the future! I can see already that you have many people in need of Christ and many people living with everyday struggles. I am excited to see where your leadership, teaching and God , takes you both in the weeks and months to come!
    Oh, and I LOVE the pictures! SO BEAUTIFUL & GREEN!!! I look forward to joining you both someday for a visit and sharing the heavenly countryside. in Bath that I have read so much about! My Prayers are with you daily!

  2. Sheryl Emra says:

    Praise God for this place, this time and the way the doors of ministry are opening for you.

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